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Hey, what are your priorities?

If I were to ask you, “Hey, what are your priorities?”… What would you tell me? What would you tell yourself? But perhaps the better question if you were to look at an honest and objective measure of how you spend your time… will it show you that you are actually prioritising what you think you are?

Your New Year Resolution

Just because the new year has rolled around, it doesn’t mean you are magically granted the ability to achieve a new goal. The first day of the first month of the year actually brings nothing in the way of a pause, existential escapement or universal reset. Time is a continuum, as far as I am aware! The day does bring something important – something we all hold dearly onto and that is hope.

Managing stress

Recall how “good stress” is great to keep a little motivation in our tanks, but too much can easily make us break down, depending on how we perceive and react to various stressors. Also recall that there is an “optimum zone” where you just feel fired up and productive, which depends on your total complexity weighing on your shoulders, but more importantly HOW YOU PERCEIVE AND RESPOND TO IT.


How does that word make you feel?
An interesting thought is that, in physics, stress is defined as a physical quantity that expresses all of the internal forces that adjacent particles of a continuous material exert on each other. Without this stress, the object would have no real integrity. Conversely, there is such a thing as an object experiencing enough stress which will cause permanent deformation or even fracturing and breaking of a material. Yeah there’s some physics, but we’re actually not too different.

Making time for nutrition and exercise: how to find your ‘WHY?’

Let me give you a real eye-opener: Nearly everyone knows what they should be doing on a very basic level to start getting fitter and healthier. More often than not, it’s the simple stuff in life that changes life. Are you staying hydrated, eating well, sleeping well, moving well, spending time with friends and family …

Making time for nutrition and exercise: how to find your ‘WHY?’ Read More »

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